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Resources for today's business leaders

A Founder-First Approach 


"A new paradigm in entrepreneurial development"

Backed by industry leaders and combining evidence-based research, business theory and real world application, Catherine works with individuals and enterprise to optimize business and human potential.

In the US alone, 30 percent of small businesses fail due to the psychological and emotional struggles of their founders and burnout is now a 'global epidemic.' We also know that cognitive, emotional and interpersonal skills combined with strong business acumen are required to succeed in the modern world. Personal Development needs to be prioritized more than ever.

With 17 years experience across startups, small business and enterprise, Catherine helps set business leaders up for success in a way that's sustainable and results driven.

We Lead Conversations That Matter

Intimate, no holds barred conversations with the worlds most influential and inspirational artists, athletes, business leaders and thought leaders including Moby and NBA All-Star, Metta World Peace. 

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Latest Episodes

Moby - Fame, Fortune & Happiness

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Erin Brockovich - Be Your Own Hero

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Ron Artest - When Life Throws You Kobe Ball

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Moby - The Pursuit of Happiness

"A New Paradigm in Entrepreneurial Development and Wellbeing.

Highly recommended for entrepreneurs at any stage of their careers. Catherine's depth of insight and perspective is empowering. The content is dialed in on the unique set of personal and professional challenges that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis and the tools required to succeed in the modern world."

Stephen Stokols

Co-Founder / CEO FreedomPop, Silicon Valley Investor, Technologist and Executive


“Catherine is a dynamic and powerful speaker and thought leader in the entrepreneurial and leadership space.

Her natural ability to inspire and empower a room combined with an unparalleled depth of insight and unique global experience allow her to connect deeply with her audience.”

Mark Stagen

CEO Executive Leadership Network and CEO/Founder - Youth Business Alliance

Meet Catherine

International Speaker, Founder/Host Grit and Greatness, Educator

As a coach and consultant to CEOs, Founders and Boards of the fastest-growing startups to the largest companies globally, Catherine knows first hand the stressors and challenges facing entrepreneurs and business leaders

"In today's world, skills like resilience, agility and grit will not only set you apart, they are critical to succeeding. We have to set ourselves up for success in a way that moves the needle but is also sustainable."

"Our resources are designed to help you navigate the unique set of challenges facing the modern businessperson. Entrepreneurship is a journey and we're here to humanize that process."

"I've working directly with and engaged Grammy nominated artists, Founders / CEOs of the world's fastest growing startups, and world renowned creative entrepreneurs, during the development phase of my workshops."

"Our Founder-First approach aims to set a new standard in professional and personal development that's accessible, affordable and based on real-world application. We're changing the face of traditional training to help you nail the most in-demand skills. 

"Best of all, we've made it easy to prioritize your professional and personal growth without sacrificing your time, money or ambition."

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Workshops / Masterclasses

Set Yourself Up For Success  

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Mission Critical Skills

Coming Soon!

Finally! Workshops and Masterclasses designed specifically for YOU - business owners and business leaders. Set yourself up for success and nail the specific skills required to succeed in the modern world 

  • brand strategy 

  • interpersonal and communication

  • networking

  • business acumen

  • building your personal profile

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High Performance

Finally! Membership and training programs that are real, relatable and designed specifically for YOU - entrepreneurs, CEOs / Founders and creatives. Nail the specific skills and learn to manage the specific challenges common amongst all of us!

  • leadership

  • resilience 

  • self awareness and purpose

  • wellbeing

  • interpersonal and communication

  • change management 

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