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  • Catherine Peters

Erin Brockovich - Be Your Own Hero

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are able to bring a community to its feet and a corporation to its knees in a mini-skirt and stilettos. That gal is #Erinbrockovich, who singlehandedly led the largest direct action lawsuit in US history and who’s film, Erin #Brockovich, won Julia Roberts an #Oscar for portraying her character. As true to her character as you can get in real life, the bold, sassy, badass and I have one of the most relevant, honest and hilarious conversations covering everything from how to be bold (without being a bitch), using your voice, being stereotyped and what to do about it, how to succeed despite being underestimated, dealing with ‘Negative Nancy’ (our mean inner voice), the truth behind some of the most powerful scenes, and her hilarious first encounter with #Juliaroberts Erin is so relatable and the ultimate 'empowerer' for anyone needing ‘permission’ to speak up, do what needs to be done, and reach their full potential.

2020 marks 20 years since the movie, Erin Brockovich, premiered and 30 years since she set foot in Hinkley.

Episode references:

1:00 – 30 years ago Erin stepped foot in Hinkley. What was it that drove her relentless commitment to the people of Hinkley

07:15 – Logic, leverage, loyalty and love. The importance of why we need to stop looking for the hero and become the hero. How to find purpose and give others a platform

10:10 – The importance of ‘Sticktuitiveness’, partnership, trust and giving ourselves permission

14:30 – Putting the Hinkley water puzzle together: recognizing deception and cover up

15:45 – The importance of persistence and a having a strong sense of self

17:20 - Turning adversities into strength (including dyslexia), dealing with our negative inner voice ‘Negative Nancy’ and what to do if you’re being put in a box

19:00 – The facts on the Hinkley Water case

20:00 – The worst place anyone can get to is when you’re feeling judged, suppressed or beginning to question ourselves. What do we do about it and how did she manage that?

23:20 – Dealing with stereotypes and the intent from that scene where sexual innuendos for obtaining the 634 signatures

25:00 – How to respond to doubters, how to manage others’ expectations and opinions of us and how to choose what you take on board

29:00 – Sexism, high heels and being taken seriously

31:50 – The power of ‘pausing’ – stepping back and being in the present moment and maintaining perspective

34:50 - She brought a corporation to its knees – what was it that brought Erin Brockovich to her knees and how did she deal with it?

37:30 – What it was like becoming a household name and having Julia Roberts play her and how it impacted her life

42:00 – Erin’s hilarious first encounter with Julia Roberts

47:00 – How we activate courage and bravery and reframing the word ‘bold’

52:00 – The accuracy of Julia Robert’s badass character to Erin’s own

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