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  • Catherine Peters

Ambition is a Forever Game

The pursuit of ambition is a forever game.

I was having a conversation the other day around this quote: “Don't get trapped thinking yesterday’s success guarantees you tomorrow’s wins."

There are no guarantees in business, career or life. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you it’s about the long game. So what we're really saying here are 2 things:

1) While it’s important to celebrate the small wins, it’s about reflecting more frequently and then getting focused on the next goal, quickly.


As Steph Gilmore – 7 x World Champ Surfer, puts it so well, “Winning is euphoric but it lasts a short time, you’ve got to lap it up, then move on to the next thing. I think I’ve kept winning because I haven’t attached myself to past success.”

2) By the same thread, we can move past setbacks or failures without them always having to determine tomorrow’s outcomes. Fail fast, fail forward, fail often.

In sum, keep moving and don’t get too attached to either success or failure – it’s all part of the same pursuit...

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